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Выберете подходящий предлог at/in/on.1. they decided to meet noon. 2. we don't have any holidays october.3. a cold winter night mr. wesley left his house.4. julian was born 2014.5. jimmy will come back thursday night.​

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volunteering is a very good activity. there are volunteers in all countries. volunteers help the poor and needy. volunteers collect money and distribute money for the poor. volunteers work in the charitable organizations. i also want to be a volunteer. i want to participate in different projects and help people who need help. volunteers always take care of the elderly and sick people. volunteers are a sign of a developed society. i want to become a volunteer abroad, at least for a while. i want to learn foreign experience of volunteering.

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овощи для зрения и улучшают работу желудка. а компьютер и телеизор портят зрение и может возникнуть головная боль.лучше есть фркуты и овощи что бы быть здоровым

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at. in .on вроде.in.on.

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