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Вставьте предлоги в пропуски ​

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Ihave a friend, she's name is "for example: " nastya. nastya is my best friend because she always understands me and helps me. we do homework and play games together. she can draw and paint very good. she studies painting and drawing at the art school. i think a friend is someone who always gives you help when you need. a friend in need is a friend indeed. i can trust and always rely on nastya. we share things together. she cares for me and i care for her. such must be the best friends! nastya is kind, lively, pretty and clever girl.
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william shakespeare was born in 1564 in england. he wrote lots of interesting and famous plays. some of them were very funny and comic. shakespeare also played in his plays . people loved shakespeare's plays, and there was always a big play staging at the globe theatre. people stood around the stage. they cheered and clapped. sometimes they threw rotten fruit at the bad actors.

отмечай, как "лучшее решение", если несложно.

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about my family -  


my family is not very big, just a typical family: dad, mom, me, my brother and sister and our cat. my mummy is forty-one, she is a teacher of spanish at the university. she is a born teacher. she has teaching abilities. my dad is forty-two, he is a professional painter, he works for a design company. my parents both like their work very much.  


my elder sister natasha is nineteen, she goes to the university, she wants to be a teacher of history. she is fond of reading books on history and fiction. my younger brother igor is only six years old, he goes to the kindergarten. he is very funny, i like to spend my free time teaching him something. igor likes to play with our cat.  


my grandparents are retired. they like gardening. they spend a lot of their time in the garden. they grow vegetables and fruits. we enjoy having fresh vegetables and green on our dinner table. i love my family very much. we always help each other. everyone in my family is my best friend.  

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