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Вставьте подходящий предлог времени (at, in, on) там, где это необходимо 1. dinner is usually 7 o’clock. 2. we went to scotland last summer. 3. we have long holidays summer. 4. when have we got biology? - friday mornings. 5. there is a school party 31st january. 6. we are the 21st century. 7. the game is 9.45. 8. is there a party your brother’s birthday? 9. where was he the weekend? 10. where is he the moment? 11. your teacher isn’t here present. 12. there are usually a lot of parties new year’s eve. 13. he wasn’t there the end of the concert. 14. where are you usually the evening? and night? 15. do you get any presents christmas day? 16. he was born 1999. 17. we usually go there weekends spring. 18. he phoned me tuesday. 19. we went to bed late last night. 20. he gets up 7 o’clock weekdays. 21. she was in hospital that time. 22. the school party is june 8th 8 o’clock. 23. i'm leaving next saturday.

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