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Вставте одно из слово сочетаний people from the(/north)to the(/west) of the usa happily celebrate local and national(/occasions).some of them, like thaksgiving day, are(/told) with american history, others,like christmas are(/included) with(/religious) events.independence day that( associated/marks) the birth of the country is(/often) celebrated by the americans. wherever
americans are on the day they always(/unite) for picnics, barbecues and to watch(/films). many americans gladly(/follow) their local or ethnic traditions and take part in local festivals and fairs. these celebrations(/unite) special food, drink and entertainment.(/although) the history of the usa is not long, the country has a long list of national, ethnic and regional celebrations.

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гоу в лс там ок?

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1/ c 2/c 3/a 4/b 5/c

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1 east

2 west

3 occasions

4 connected

5 associated

6 religious

7 marks

8 widely

9 unite

10 fireworks

11 follow

12 include

13 although

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