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вставить слова​

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A) 7b) 8c) 1d) 9e) 6f) 10g) 5h) 2i) 3j) 4
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match the names of these people with the arts in which they worked.

1)fransisco goya - art - spanish artist

2)elvis presley - rock'n'roll - american singer

3)maya plisetskaya - ballet - russian ballerina

4)friedrich schiller - german literature - writer, poet

5)sergey rakhmaninov - classical music - russian composer

6)pablo picasso - art - spanish artist

7)luciano pavarotti - music - italian opera tenor

8)michelangelo - art - italian artist, sculptor of renaissance

9)rembrandt - art - holland artist

10)elithabeth taylor - cinematography - hollywood actress


подберите к именам этих людей направления искусства, в которых они работали.

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10) Complete the sentences with a little or a few.

1) There are only a few pineapples on the table.

2) I need  a few apples for this pie.

3) She bought  a little meat in this butcher's.

4) There were a few  passengers on that train.

5) I can't decide now. I need  a little time to think about it.

6) Can I ask you a few questions?

7) We can go out when we have  a little free time.

8) He gave me  a little advice.

9) I went to Osh  a few times last year.

10) I have  a few hours to help you with the housework.

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