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Всем ! ) напишите мне, , 6 предложений про "лондонское око" (the london`s eye). несложные, ведь придется учить (5 класс). заранее , зайки!

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what is your telephone number? i'll put it down.

we decided to put off the trip because of the weather.

you should put on your warm jacket. it's cold and windy today.

she will not put up with smoking in her house.

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1)i usually take a warm blanket and drink hot chocolate.

2)i do it when i feel really bad.

3)at first a doctor examines me and measures the temperature and then he prescribes medication for me.

4)if you do not follow the instructions of the doctor, then this can lead to a terrible end.

5) я не понимаю вопрос

6)a typical flu patient has a strong dry or wet cough, high temperature and loss of strength.

7)i try more often to drink hot tea with lemon to eat chicken broth and breathe fresh air.

8)for this you need at least once a week to go to the gym or yoga and also need a little limit yourself in sweet and fatty foods.

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the british airways london eye is the largest observation wheel in the world. it was created as a millennium landmark. it towers 135 m. over the thames river and carries 800 passengers at a time on a thirty minute ride. the london eye offers visitors views up to 40 km.

перевод: «лондонское око»-самое большое колесо обозрения в мире. оно было создано как ориентир тысячелетия. оно возвышается на 135 м. над темзой и перевозит 800 пассажиров одновременно на тридцатиминутной поездке. из окон отеля «лондонское око» открывается вид на 40 км.

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