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Вопрос такой, в приложении, написано double it и после этого число что в данном контексте означает double it? заранее за точный ответ

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sergei bodrov (junior)actor, director, writer, broadcaster, historian and art critic.born december 27, 1971 in moscow, the son of the writer, screenwriter and director sergei bodrov sr..in 1993 he graduated from the history department of moscow state university (department of art history).in 1998 he defended his thesis on "architecture in the venetian painting of the renaissance."in 1996-1999 - the host of "the view" (ort).in 2001, as the lead was involved in the "survivor" on channel one.in the film industry began to work with the filing of his father, starring in his first film in a cameo role, "sir / - freedom is paradise" (1989) and then in the title role ("prisoner" (1996).particularly popular with viewers got, playing the role of daniel in the film bagrova alexei balabanov "brother" (1997) and "brother 2" (2000).in 2001 he made his debut directorial film "sisters".in the summer of 2002 to kick-start work on his new film - mystical drama "the messenger." evening, september 20, 2002 has been missing karmadon gorge in north ossetia, where the crew was on the way he came down kolka.

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1)he did not go to england last year.

2)they did not have dinner at 9 o'clock yesterday

3)i did not get up at 7 o'clock yesterday

4)he did not buy presents for our friends yesterday

5)helen did not like rainy weather two years ago

6)my friends did not go to the theater last sunday

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