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Вариант 2 номер 1 fill in: seaside drive, sunstroke, boat, touristy, book, boarded. there are two extra words 1 i almost got yesterday, it was so hot. 2 our flight is delayed too. so we are in the same 3 holidays are my favourite! 4 we should our tickets right now. 5 our neighbours are so noisy, they me crazy. номер 2 form nouns from the words in bold. 1 it is not easy to reach an when you have opposite views on the problem agree 2 you should understand the great of this decision. serious 3 the headmaster made a very important at the meeting announce 4.we all are interested in the rapid of our country develop 5 at the job interview try to hide your nervous номер 3 rewrite the sentences in reported speech 1.” i am not enjoying my study very much,” he said. 2 “it’s so hot today,” jill said 3 “we played well and won the game,” tom said 4 “my mother isn’t very well,” she said 5 “my sister studies in england,” said lucy. номер 4 complete the phrasal verbs with the correct preposition 1 what time did you set __ yesterday to get the train? 2 we should finish all the work in the garden before the cold weather set __ 3 i began to set my pocket money to buy a notebook. 4 the beginning of the school year can’t be set __ 5 summer is really setting __ it’s so hot today. номер 5 fill in the gaps with the correct preposition 1.your order should paid __ __ advance. 2.. drivers must be very attentive __ __ the road. 3 there are many useless things __ __ my father’s garage. 4 at this resort you can have a boat __ __ hire. 5 if you want to watch this film you must buy tickets __ __ delay.

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artist (художник), builder (строитель), chef (повар), dietician (диетврач), engineer (инженер), foreman (бригадир, прораб) , graphic designer (графический дизайнер), hostess (стюардесса, официантка), interpreter (переводчик), journalist (журналист), lawyer (адвокат), mechanic (механик), nurse (медсестра), ophthalmologist (офтальмолог), photographer (фотограф), quality inspector (контролёр качества), radiographer (рентгенолог), surgeon (хирург), teacher (учитель), underwriter (страховщик, гарант), vendor (продавец), welder (сварщик).

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потому что остальные не подходят и даже если поставить  они будут звучать неправильно по   смыслу 

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2) no, they are sleeping

3) yes, they are

4) yes, she does

5) no, he is watching tv

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13 - b

14 - a

15 - b


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