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Важно! , буду за ) question 1you need to send a copy of all your documents to the .manpower human resources employees workforce question 2you have to pay a now to reserve your holiday. deposit credit surplus security question 3 labour usually means that some special training or qualifications
are needed.skilled childcheap question 4 is an amount of money, related to the value of goods sold, which is paid to a salesman for his services.выберите один ответ.mortgagebonuscommissionloanconsumerquestion 5if you buy twenty or more items, you'll get a fee fare discount tax question 6 is the
person or firm who buys the franchise, which is the licence that gives the right to provide the product or service. franchising franchiseefranchiser question 7the mechanic didn't me for repairing my car. charge tax change bribe question 8she let the family live in the cottage free. let
rentaccommodation hire

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information! liza has some information for the russian student

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1)you have to buy tickets for the cinema.

2)buy pet supplies online in our pet superstore buy pet supplies online at discount prices in our pet shop.

3)buy with confidence at any of the stores we check.

4)my mum bought me a new coat.


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once (1) there lived a silly frog. she was (2) so silly that she talked all day long. she talked (3) in the morning , she talked in (4) the afternoon and she talked in the (5) evening. the silly frog lived in (6) a lake with two ducks. in autumn the ducks (7) said,"it is cold. we (8) must fly away". (9) but the silly frog said,"oh, (10) please, take me with you". (11) how can we take you? you cannot fly", said the ducks.

but the silly frog cried all day (12) long and then the ducks said, "all (13) right. we'll take you with us, but you mustn't (14) talk." the silly frog said, "i won't talk." so the ducks (15) took a long stick. one duck took one (16) end in its mouth.the silly frog took the middle (17) of the stick in its mouth.

the ducks said (18) to the frog,"if you open your mouth, you will fall to the ground, and that (19) will be the end of you."

the two ducks and the frog (20) flew over the woods and over the ponds.

the (21) silly frog wanted to say, "i am (22) happy because i am flying with you", but she did not open her mouth. when they flew over the pond, the frogs shouted, "look, look at the (23) funny frog! she is flying!

the silly frog (24) was very proud and happy and said,"that's "

but when she (25) opened her mouth,she fell (26) down to the ground.

that was the end of the silly frog.

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Participle 1: taking – берущий                                     smiling – улыбающийся                                       coming приходящий                                       watching –                                           reading – читающий                                         opening – открывающий                                           having – имеющий                                         playing – играющий                                       writing – пишущий                                       finishing – заканчивающий                                       hearing   - слышащий                                       helping –                                       speaking – говорящий                                       bringing   - приносящий                                       painting – рисующий или красящий   participle 2: taken – взявший                                       smiled – улыбнувшийся                                       come – пришедший                                       watched – наблюдавший                                         read – читавший                                         opened – открывший                                         had   - имевший                                         played – игравший                                       written – писавший                                       finished – закончивший                                       heard   - услышавший                                       helped –                                       spoken говоривший                                       brought – принесший                                       painted – нарисовавший или покрасивший
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